End of Year Math Review and Test

Dear Parents,

We will be having our last math assessment on Monday, June 6.  This test will include material from the entire year!  Please know that this test is meant to assess both developing and secure math skills (or in other words, some concepts included on the test are not expected to be mastered at this point).  We will be using this test to assess student growth over the course of the year.  You may want to review any concepts that were challenging for your child this year in preparation for this assessment.

The material covered includes:

• Telling time
• Money (including counting coins and telling how much more someone has)
• Solving missing addend problems
• Completing Fact triangles
• Rule Boxes
• Measurement to the nearest inch and centimeter
• Comparing numbers (using greater than and less than symbols)
• Place value
• Naming polygons and 3-D shapes
• Shading fractions
• Reading graphs

Please download the End of the Year Review Packet if you would like your child to complete some additional practice before the test.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please check the Important Dates, News, and Announcements page to stay informed about all our end of the year happenings!

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